Will This Work For Me?

Transcript of Video with Sean Buvala: “All Storytelling Uses the Same Skills.”
(conversation in progress)

“….well, because I want to learn how to tell stories for business.” This book is completely about how to tell stories (the Storytelling 101 book), the book is completely about the techniques of storytelling. Here is what happens, here is the great lie that is going on. Somehow your nonprofit storytelling is different, is a different kind of storytelling than what people use anywhere else. Your business storytelling is somehow different.

Here is the thing, the essential core of storytelling, storytelling and communicating with someone across the table, across the platform, in telling stories those essential skills remain the same whether you are telling to first-graders or telling to Ph.Ds in a boardroom. The essential skills of storytelling are the same. That is where people get in trouble. People want this type of CEO-type of blowing smoke at leadership about [speaking in a rarefied voice] “Well, we are going to learn these concepts of Storytelling” [voice returns to normal]

I am telling you that all this information is good and all that support stuff may be good, but when it comes down to it: Can you tell a story? In my work, especially with the entrepreneurial group and some of the smaller businesses as well, is to say, “Can you communicate directly with your customers? Face to face, across the table, can you do that?”

In a world where everybody sells the same types of things and there are one hundred other people selling what you sell within 25 miles of (you and your business), it is the relationship you form with the audience that going to make a difference. That is done through storytelling.

These skills of telling a story remain the same across every single environment. It is the same skill, that is why I can say to people, “This (Ebook) is where you start. This is your baseline for telling stories. It’s the same thing all the way across.”

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